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ABout us

 Horse riding is not a phase; unfortunately for our wallet, it's for life.  Most of us who get into horses, never get back out. 

Pandora Equestrian Centre was started to indulge my passion. It was created for ‘horse people’. For those who need our horses; finding the space to ride, breed and care for them can be challenging. 

Pandora is located in Tarago, in New South Wales Southern Tablelands. We have space and opportunity for equestrians to work together and build a fun and supportive network. It's a place that will grow with the people in it, and spend quality time with the animals that make us complete.

About me


I moved from Europe to Australia in 1998 when I was 11 years old with my parents and sister. When I started high school, horse riding was offered as a sport. 

Riding on a daily basis from the age of 12, and owning my first horse Baley by the age of 14. . I also worked as a volunteer at a riding school on the weekends. Looking after 30 horses and taking customers out on trail rides allowed me to ride 6 to 7 different horses a day including some accelerated learning  by riding more difficult horses. My passion grew towards rehabilitating and training  young horses. 


Every school holidays, I would work from 7am to 5pm everyday as a volunteer at the riding school. Giving lessons, taking out trail rides and preparing all horses for their rides.

Over the next five years I would ride at least 25 hours a week, included assisting with starting horses under saddle and teaching customers how to ride. 

After high school I worked to purchase my first colt, (the 6 months old, Basil). I raised him and started him under saddle; learning through experience, making mistakes and learning how to correct them. I was drawn to the concept of natural horsemanship, learning the importance of listening to horses. Throughout the years I have developed my own training techniques and have a well established training program. 



The Horses 

Devils Diamond "Basil"

16.3 hh Andalusian cross Clydesdale, born 2005. Raised and trained to compete in Dressage. Basil can do several horse tricks as well. 

 Saltwater Creek "Angus"

17hh Clydesdale cross TB/Friesian, born in 2015, still growing and has started his training under saddle. He is half Brother to "Saltwater Creek Jo Jo". Angus is showing Dressage and Show jumping potential.


Mr Gatsby "Sebastian"

17.1hh Thoroughbred gelding Born 2009. Sebastian is a gentle giant. Anyone who meets this great horse will fall in love with him. Sebastian has a great big stride and is very smooth to ride. He is also the best nanny horse. 

Saltwater Creek "Get back Jo Jo"

"Jo Jo" is our stallion at stud. He is black with one blue eye. Half brother to Saltwater Creek Angus, he is already showing the Freisian grandparents genetics they both share.


Pandora "Miss Maysie"

Miss Maysie is a Friesian cross Clydesdale. Born November 1st 2016. Will be pandoras upcoming Dressage horse and hopefully a potential broodmare later on in life.